1. Create a page for your party - You'll know more about it than anyone else!
  2. Remember to use Template:Infobox Political Party to get the table on the side. Copy the following and replace the brackets with the respective items:
    {{정당 정보
    | party_name = (Liberal Party)
    | party_articletitle = (And again)
    | party_logo = (Your party logo goes here. Use the "Upload File" facility on the left menu to upload the logo then put the #:[[Image:file.format]] link here)
    | leader = (The name of your political leader) #:(Hint: To make this a link, put it in double square brackets like this [[Random Person]], then you can have an article on your leader. #:You can do the same for leaders, nations, and party organisations - make sure you get the capitalisation right if you're linking to any existing article)
    | foundation = (The in-game year of your party's foundation)
    | ideology = (Your political views, liberal, libertarian, communist, conservative, neo-conservative and the like)
    | position = (Your political left/right alignment)
    | international = (Put the name of an international organisation here you have affiliations with, if any)
    | international_secondary = (As above)
    | colours = (Put the hex code of your party here ''without'' the "#". You'll find it on your party page in the game.)
    | headquarters = (Which city in your country your HQ lies)
    | nation = (The Nation your party is in)
    | website = (A website address for your party, if one exists. Sometimes, people make up fake ones as if they existed in their #:country)
    | }}
    Don't change the template itself, just copy the text above, and change only the text above, after you've copied it!
  3. Add [[Category:<<NATION NAME>>]] to the bottom of your page, replacing NATION NAME with the nation your party is in. This will add it to the relevant category to keep the wiki better organised and making your page easier to find.

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