1. Create a page for your nation, but be aware that your compatriots will edit it too.
  2. Remember to use Template:Nation Expanded to get the table on the side. Copy the following, replacing the brackets with what goes in each field:
    {{국가 정보
    |nativename= (Insert the formal name of the nation)
    |name= (Insert your nation's SHORT name here, such as "Valruzia" or "Selucia", not the entire name)
    |flag= (Upload your nation's flag using the Upload File facility and put the internal link to the image in here #:([[Image:something.fileextension]]))
    |motto= (Your nation's motto)
    |sport= (Your nation's national sport)
    |animal= (Your nation's national animal)
    |map= (As for the flag, upload a map of your nation)
    |language= (Languages can be both IC and OOC. So if you use English to discuss things but have your own national language for IC reasons, put them both)
    |capital= (The capital city)
    |largestcity= (The city with the largest population - not always the capital)
    |govtype= (The Government system in place, whether it's a Republic, Constitutional Monarchy, etc)
    |hostitle= (The title of your Head of State)
    |hos= (The name of the Head of State)
    |hosparty= (The Party the Head of State belongs to - If hereditary, just put hereditory here)
    |hogtitle= (The title of the Head of Government in your nation)
    |hog= (The name of the Head of Government)
    |hogparty= (The Head of Government's party)
    |area= (The area of the nation in km. Will be on the nation page in game)
    |regiontitle= (The title of the Regions)
    |region1=(The name of the regions: #1)
    |pop= (Your nation's population. Again, this will be on the nation page)
    |density= (Population density)
    |founded= (The in-game year your Nation came into being)
    |currency= (The name of the nation's currency)
    |shortcurrency= (The abbreviation for the nation's currency)
    |anthem= (The national anthem's name - use [[name]] to make this a link where you can put the tune and lyrics in)
    |id= (The nation's ID number. When you view the nation in the game, it'll be at the end of the address line)
    |colour= (The colour you want the dividers in the template to be in hex without the #. Don't choose 000000.)
  3. Add [[Category:<<NATION NAME>>]][[Category:<<CONTINENT NAME>>]] to the bottom of your page, replacing NATION NAME as appropriate and CONTINENT NAME with the continent name your nation is in. This will add it to the relevant categorie to keep the wiki better organised and making this page easier to find.

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